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St Francis at the cross
For Franciscans, this picture represents a powerful expresson of the relationship between St Francis and Our Lord, Jesus Christ.

In the painting, Christ, still on the cross, leans down to caress Francis with a look of love and tenderness. Francis, with his foot connected to a dark orb, presumably representing the sinful world, wraps his arms around Christ as if to support Him but is totally focussed on the face of Christ. This absorption in Christ is what all Franciscans aspire to.

Today, there are hundreds of thousands of men and women who have professed their commitment to the Franciscan way of life within a number of Franciscan Orders. In addition, St Francis of Assisi is well known and loved all over the world.

We welcome you to our website. We hope you can enjoy the content and that it will assist you in your journey towards Christ.

st clare
St Clare
St Clare was the first woman to embrace the Franciscan way of life. St Clare commited her life to Christ in the presence of St Francis at the church of San Damiamo on Palm Sunday, 1212. The Rule developed by her was approved by Pope Innocent IV the day before St Clare died in 1253. This Order has become known as the "Second" Order.

St Clare offers us an example of dedication, perseverence and love. Detail on her life and writings can be found within this website and and through the links to other Franciscan websites.